Admiralty Bay sunset
Admiralty Bay sunset

This chain of islands is the most remote section of the Caribbean and also the most culturally diverse, with three different countries comprising dozens of islands, sand bars and islets. Located in the South East corner of the Caribbean, the three island countries are St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada. These islands are much less visited by tourists, cruisers, and charterers even though they host some of the most beautiful beaches, landscapes, and snorkeling/diving areas in the Caribbean.

You can experience remote anchorages inside the Tobago Cays reef where you anchor in calm water but with no land between you and Africa, traditional Caribbean fishing sailboats being built on the shores of the incredible island of Bequia (pronounced Bek-We or Bek-Way) and much more. Enjoy a lobster pizza at world famous Mac’s Restaurant in Admiralty Bay, Bequia. Stroll on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world at Salt Whistle Bay. Purchase fresh lobster and other seafood from fishermen and boat-borne hawkers of food, beverages, and trinkets from your anchored yacht.

One of the big attractions of this location is the orientation of the island chain to the easterly trade winds at that latitude. The islands are mostly in a line from St Lucia in the north, heading South Southeast to Grenada. While there are some longer passages of several hours and open ocean passages between islands, they are all reaches with virtually no upwind sailing. Wind averages 15-25 knots from the ENE this time of year, so the sailing is great. While skippers and first mates should be more experienced than what might be needed in the BVI, this area is perfectly comfortable and manageable for other crew regardless of skill set. Air and water temperatures are normal for the Caribbean, highs of 78-86 for the air and 78-82 in the water.

Rich and Cecilia have sailed here twice, in 1987 and in 2022.  They want to be sure to get back again soon.  Thirty-five years is too long for such a beautiful, interesting and iconic place.