Rich and Cecilia overlooking a bay in TurkeyRich Jepsen and Cecilia Trost have over thirty years of experience planning and leading adventure excursions on sea and land throughout the world. Together, they started RMJ Travels in 2020 to share the world with the guests who have come to trust their ability to deliver a high-quality experience.

About the Owners

Rich Jepsen has been a professional sailor since 1978. He co-owned and served as CEO of OCSC Sailing in Berkeley, California for over 30 years. Rich left the partnership and retired from the company in 2014.

In 1985, Rich led a five boat flotilla in the British Virgin Islands for OCSC clients. Rich and OCSC expanded on this success by planning multiple excursions to destinations around the world throughout the rest of Rich’s tenure at the club. Since then, Rich has planned over 100 trips, and has personally led over 30, to places like the Mediterranean, South East Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, British Columbia, Australia, the South Pacific, Antarctica and South and Central America.


Cecilia Trost is a retired business owner, engineer, and MBA who has been at Rich’s side leading and planning these adventure trips and flotillas since they met at OCSC in 1982. She brings a deep competence in planning, financial management, and marketing.  It was Cecilia’s idea for RMJ Travels. With decades of experience of travel for business and pleasure, Cecilia is expert in finding the smartest travel itineraries and advising our guests on the vagaries of international travel. She is Bareboat Certified to skipper Moorings/Sunsail vessels and serves as Rich’s first mate on our flotillas.  


Environmental Commitment

From the start, Rich and Cecilia have been committed to environmental protection. They have always felt that especially since these trips built on enjoying nature, they are compelled to support organizations working as guardians for all of us. Part of their approach has been to focus their efforts and appreciation on areas they are privileged to visit.

To this end, RMJ Travels has each participant donate a small amount to an environmental protection organization in the region they visit.


Trip Leadership Philosophy

Rich and Cecilia’s decades of experience in planning and leading trips have informed their trip leadership style and philosophy:  Create experiences for guests that are as individual and flexible as if one were on a private excursion but with the guidance in advance and the expertise and support that reassures them while in country. Rich and Cecilia believe the following things are most important in their trips.

In the time between booking and traveling, usually several months to a year, the group is given multiple opportunities to socialize together, get to know each other and develop a bond that is the special sauce of our trips.  Exploring Paradise is that much more magical and rewarding when you are having a shared experience with friends.

Flotillas offer a different experience than adventure trips.  On flotillas Rich and Cecilia believe in as much independence as possible. We are lucky to have a cadre of friends who are experienced and skilled sailors. That allows our flotillas to offer independence and adventure without the restrictions that most flotillas require.

For Adventure Trips, which are smaller groups on eco/cultural adventures in locations such as Galapagos or Antarctic, Rich and Cecilia serve as escorts, advocates for the guests and problem solvers.  However, the guests maintain a primary relationship with the operator, whether a professional guide or captain and crew to maintain the feel of a personalized and private adventure with the benefit of sharing it with close friends.