palm-beach-water-bvi-2021RMJ Travels is an eco-nautical adventure company specializing in sailing flotillas and eco-cultural adventures around the world. Rich and Cecilia and have been planning and leading trips for close to 40 years and still love every minute of the experience. Certainly, the exotic places we get to visit are a joyful education but it has been the people we’ve met along the way and the lifelong friendships that resulted.

We hope you will find the stories and photos on our website inspiring and also hope you’ll remain in touch through our periodic newsletters so you get wind of that bucket list sail or tour you’ve been dreaming about. We promise it will be one of the most fun, educational, memorable, exciting experiences of your life.

Below are links to more information about our current and upcoming flotillas. We’ll update these pages periodically as we add information about past charter. To those of you who are longtime friends and fellow travelers, we have new plans and new destinations in the coming years so, please stay tuned.